Identifying New Posts to Existing

In the old forum when someone responded to a thread, post was highlighted in the list so it was easy to identify a new response to an old post. I don’t see that function in the new forum. How can we tell if a new reply has been added to a post without opening all the posts and count the replies?

Hi pault728,

Blue dots indicate there are new posts in a topic since you last read it.
Notice when you hover your cursor over various buttons in the Forum interface a descriptive message box appears.


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Thanks for the reply. However, I do not get the blue dot. Sometimes I see a greyed out dot that states: “1 unread Old Post”, but not a blue dot as you show.

Are you signed in when this occurs?
Reason I ask is I notice all the blue dots disappear when I log out.

Which browser are you using?
@sam of the Discourse Team may want to look at this.


I am logged in. When I opened the forum just now, there was a blue dot beside my topic which indicated that you had responded. So it worked for this post. But, there are several other topics that I know have new posts, but the blue dot does not show up to let me know. I have to open each to see if there are new posts. It seems that the only time I saw a blue dot it was related to my postings and no others.

It would help the Discourse Team to know which browser you’re using.
Have you tried viewing the forum in a different browser?


Perhaps it’s due to preference settings in your profile.
Here’s what I found mine set at.