What does the Red line mean?

Recently I have started seeing a red line between some posts - what does it mean?

I’ve been seeing it, too. I gathered it’s posts since your last visit are above it.

That’s what I guessed too. It’s too bad the support folks make this kind of change without telling anyone about it!

These things are driven by the people who run Discourse. If you want to keep up with changes you should track their product pages.

Here’s one thread on the topic: https://meta.discourse.org/t/orange-line-separating-topics/49367/3

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The Discourse Blog will announce general releases. (But SketchUp is hosted, and gets newer versions before they are generally released & announced.)

The full list (and discussions) surrounding the various releases (and their features,) is this Discourse Meta category:

As you will find, even though the blog has only announced v1.6, there is work on v1.7 and 1.8.

In the v1.7 list

:white_check_mark: Add passive dim red line to topic lists, indicating time of last visit

… so the SketchUp forum is up at v1.7, at least.

It certainly would be nice if new release announcements, pointing at these version feature lists, would be automatically posted into our Meta category.

It seems like a “no-brainer”. Maybe there is an admin switch not set?


That’s a good question @jim_foltz
I’ve yet to witness it do anything but sit there like a visual speed bump in the topics list.

I put my 2¢ in over at Discourse Meta.

PM if you want to hear what I really think of it… :grin:

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@Geo, Did you see what I wrote above you ?

Basically you need to get involved with the discussion and debate of Discourse features long before they have been put on the todo list, much less deployed.

Re, the red line may not move but once a day,… or may not move unless you log out and back in again.

Well, just tested and logging out and back in has no effect. The line is still where it was.