Layout red labels

There have been numerous posts concerning the red labels that pop up out of nowhere on Layout, and how to get rid of them.The red means that connection between Layout & Sketchup has been lost - I understand that dimensions need to connect from Layout to Sketchup - but why would annotations, lines, comments etc need to connect? There is no connection - they are only on Layout. Every time I refresh the Sketchup Model in Layout I get another deluge of red and 2 more hours is wasted. The only way I can currently see around this issue is to keep saving Layout as a new revision before refreshing the connection to Sketchup… it only happens with connection to some scenes, not all of them despite identical treatment being given. Any ideas anyone?

The red highlighting does not print or get exported.

I very rarely get disconnects anymore but for the labels there is information you can get from the model that the label can output.

If you could provide the Layout file, it can be examined and possible solutions are given to avoid the extra work.

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Thanks RLGL and DaveR - I’ve copied links to both Sketchup and Layout files to RLGL’s post. As you can see, the Layout has had another disaster - it’s duplicated some of the scenes from Sketchup… there are blue lines all over the place resembling comet trajectories. This seems to happen every time an update to the link to Sketchup is clicked…


Have you sent them via private message to RLGL ?

Would be helpful to share the LO and SKP file - without seeing the files we can just guess. And my guess might be improper scene creation and management.


Here’s the sketchup one…

Here’s the Layout one with the problem… I have taken out 7 pages as it was 30MB, now only 9MB


Someone else would be able to explain this better but…

Those blue lines you refer to are leader lines and they have the ability to be “sticky” – they can stick to a SketchUp viewport or Layout drawing elements.

I can’t understand what you’ve been doing but what the Layout file shows is that the Layout viewport has moved or you’ve done something in SketchUp that has moved the model in the SketchUp space and when you updated the Layout viewport, the model in the viewport moved and because some leaders were “sticking” to a point on the model in the viewport the leaders became stretched.

I would get this very occasionally a long while back – not any more – it’s to do with workflow.