Orange layout labels

I have added labels to a Layout model. Only text, no fill. Everything looks fine, but when I open the file again, some or all of the labels have orange fill even though FILL is not turned on. Why does this happen?
I can fix it temporarily by redoing the labels, but it happens again.

Could that be red instead of orange? If they are red that would indicate that the label has become disconnected from the model. Right click on it and choose Reconnect.

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Thank you. That is exactly how to fix it. I assume that it has been happening because I’ve changed the corresponding SketchUp scene, and after updating the Layout page, some labels have become disconnected.

That’s one way it happens.

I had the same issue.
I found that the disconnect happens;

to text with leaders - select the start point of the leader (arrow,.etc) and move it to a new location:.fixed. Doesn’t matter how small of a distance.

to dimensions - dbl click on the dimension line work. You will see a dot displayed at the end of the dimension leaders (pretty faint), There are actually 2 dots; one at the leader offset and one that’s supposed to be “connected” to the object being.dimensioned. Click on the later and move it to the proper point on the object being dimensioned. Fixed