Layout dimension problems

Hi there, sorry fo my bad english!
i’m using layout to paginate a Steel Structure design. I can’t understand why sometimes the text dimension turn red. I read on the forum that I need to reconnect but it’s becoming frustrating because it happens often. What is the best way to proceed?

The red highlights indicate that the dimensions and labels are no currently connected to the model. You can select them, right click on one and choose Reconnect. Those that can reconnect should lose the red highlight. Currently you are also showing that the viewports need to be updated. The model is different than the viewports show. Turning on Auto Render, or rendering the viewports individually should fix that and those dimensions and labels may reconnect automatically when the viewports are updated.

If you share the LayOut file, we can give you more detail.

Thanks DaveR for your answer,
usually i not check the automatic render to save time. It’s not a good procedure?

It can be a good procedure if you are frequently making changes to the SketchUp model after starting the LO document. You can update the only one viewport at a time and save updating the rest until you are finished changing the model. But the dimensions and stuff probably won’t reconnect until after you render the viewports.

Thanks for giving me your time. good job!

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