How do I use the red line?

Continuing the discussion from What does the Red line mean?:

The discussion has, I think, already explained the red line. Since a couple of people wondered at it’s utility, and I’m finding it useful, I thought I’d explain how I use it.

My (almost) daily forum visit workflow is as follows:

  1. Check out any notifications I have, respond appropriately
  2. Check out my “unread” section, respond appropriately
  3. Check out the “New” section - I look first at any posts that don’t yet have a response to see if I know enough to respond in a useful manner. I’m still new enough to SketchUp that this happens rarely, but I admit that it brings me some satisfaction to be the first to respond!
  4. Check out the “Latest” section, respond appropriately

It’s this final step (#4) where I find the red line useful. When I start the step, I’m presented with a mixture of bold and non-bold subjects - the non-bold ones are the ones I’ve already checked out in steps 1-3. Rather than simply click, read, respond (if it moves me), then go back to “Latest”, I right click on subjects and “open in a new tab” for 5-10 subjects, then move to each tab, respond (if it moves me), then close the tab. Eventually, I’ll have only the “Latest” tab open, at which point I scroll down a bit and repeat.

Here’s where the red line helps me: It tells me when I’m done!