Color read/unread

I would like to have other colors for read/unread posts here, with my display it is nearly impossible to distinguish between the two used gray colors. Maybe green/red or black/red, …

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What color do you mean?
The bright gray background or the text color in the topic list? It’s #444 for normal and #858585 for :visited links.

Maybe @Cotty is referring to this. I also noticed that its hard to identify which one is read and unread, almost same color. My advise maybe change other color for the “read” topics.


Hi Cotty,

On the home page (All Categories) Discourse flags New and Unread posts with blue dots/text.
Like you, I can barely detect the difference between the light/dark gray text.
Given the blue dot flags, I have yet to understand the significance of light/dark gray text.

The blue dot is when there is something new in a thread that you visited/participated.

When the text is just dark gray, you have visited it and there is nothing new. It is really hard to distinguish from the black text that really new threads have.

I agree, but don’t all really new posts also have a blue flag?
It seems I still don’t get the light/dark text meaning.

Ah, yes the small blue dot.

The threads with only gray text have nothing new, but you visited them before (whether it is rendered as :visited or not depends on the browser history, whether you actually visited the link).

So all threads with black text without blue dot are not new, but also unvisited. Maybe this is when you click “dismiss new”?

Please, not green/red, ever (I’m slightly colour blind)


I would suggest red/black…

Or, as the little notifying icons are already blue, blue/black.