Suggested Topics =?

I usually don’t scroll down far enough when viewing a topic to notice, but today for some reason I did and I can’t understand the basis on which the forum generates the list of “suggested topics” at the bottom of the page. For the life of me I could not see any connection between the suggestions and either the topic I was viewing or the posts in it. For example, why would a topic about macOS Catalina and SketchUp lead to a suggestion for a topic about clipping issues?

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There are suggested topics? :open_mouth:

Yep! Scroll all the way down to the bottom while viewing a topic (they don’t show on the main window).

‘Random’ or ‘Pot Luck’ Topics would be a more suitable title…

occasionally it has some unread posts which saves a few clicks to read those…


Another thing about that list … it’s bugged as to the blue “unread” blobs.
Ie, posts I’ve already read are marked as yet unread with these blue dots.
So you can’t trust their “read” status.