New to SketchUp - How do I create faces in this non-rectangular/triangular object?



Hey guys, I’m literally only an hour into using SketchUp and I’ve got some questions (obviously). I’m trying to make a tent for camping with a rounded top but I can’t create the faces for the tent.

How can I do this?

I’ve attached the .skp file for this project.
ROUNDED TENT.skp (91.9 KB)


On the Internet you can find many tutorials on this topic. For example;


You can use the Line tool to draw lines between the endpoints of the area that you have made. Start at the bottom and draw diagonally across to the adjacent arc, to then get a filled in triangle. Work your way up the side to make the series of triangles that will be needed.

You have the problem because the endpoints of the adjacent arcs are not coplanar. You can’t have a single face if two of the corners have moved on different axes. By drawing diagonal lines you are only dealing with three endpoints, and so a face will be made.


I made a start on doing what I was describing. See the attached file.

ROUNDED TENT.skp (132.9 KB)


A different type of approach using Follow Me:


Wow! I had no idea the SketchUp community was so active and helpful. Thank you guys so much! @ecati @Thorleyian @colin


That looks like my best bet. How did you get the initial arc there?


Note how my square is aligned with the red,green axis. You will find it much easier to draw like that, as opposed to the square you show which is at 45 degrees to the axis.


Draw a square to use as a face for the arc, use the arc tool, then offset it by 5mm (or whatever you wish), delete the excess geometry and close the ends if required depending on offset.


I got it! Thank you!


I have to admit I did rush the last gif(now deleted), you should zoom in to the ends of the offset and delete the small overlapping lines too before follow me.
The result is actually a little quirky as there is a missing face where the bottom of the arc was. This is due to the fact that the square (path) was touching the arc before follow me. If I think on tomorrow I’ll see if I can get a cleaner result, that’s not too complicated.


Got it, I wanted to create a solid shell as a tent would be, with wall thickness all round, an interior void and the correct face orientation. White faces inside and out.

Create a square for the path and raise it above where the top of the tent will be. Draw the arc and offset it to give it a face, then a rectangle from the origin to the arc. Delete any stray edges so the arc and rectangle are one face. reverse the arc/rectangle face before Follow Me.

I placed a section cut to show the result, which when made into a group reports solid in entity info.


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