New to Sketchup Go

Hi - new to Sketchup with a very basic question. I signed up for Sketchup Go. How can I access documents I created in the 30 day trial period, which was with Sketchup Pro? If I cannot, if I upgrade to Sketchup Pro, will I be able to retrieve these documents? I need them for some stuff I am working on now. Since Sketchup provides zero support, hoping someone out there can help me. Thanks, all.

If you saved them they should be on your computer. In SketchUp Go choose Open and then From My Device.

Actually that’s not true. They do provide support. You can open a ticket via their Contact Us page at Several of the SketchUp team also provide support here on the forum.

Thanks DaveR - this is exactly what I needed to know and really appreciate your fast response! I did not mean my email to sound so snarky about Sketchup - I did ask through their Contact Us and got a reply that they do not provide this support and to instead go to the Forum. And it worked - thanks again.

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This seems a strange reply from official Support to an actively-subscribed customer. Perhaps the support folks did not realize you are a paying customer, or they thought you were asking about a new-feature request or similar (which the support team has no control over)?