Been using SketchUp since 2012, loved it, couldn’t stop talking about it!
I use it for little around the house stuff for my 3d printer, flower pots, key chains, designing my dream home, things that I cant find parts for… etc etc

Tried to open one of my project today for my 3d printer but it wouldn’t open. figure it was because my version was to old so came to get the newer version. To my disappointment I found out that you can only use the sketchup web for free now. Tried to find out were or how to import my old projects but don’t think I can in the free version, so pretty much lost my 400+ projects I have spent hours on in the last 6 years. Also it seems like you cant export your projects any more so cant 3d print my new projects. Free version does not seem to include extension warehouse ether.

I thought so much of SketchUp, Allowing the common man to create and learn 3d design. always wanted to get Pro but my couldn’t afford it, specially not for the little projects I make.

Thanks for all the great years.
some things are better left unchanged



Evidently you didn’t find out all the details. SketchUp Make is still available. You can get it from You could get to the page from sketchup Free if you want, too. Click the menu icon in the top left corner and then App Downloads at the bottom left.


That would be version 8 ?

The web editions leverage Trimble Connect which is a cloud repository (and optional collaboration) service.
The SketchUp Help center should have information on using it.

The Web editions have a File menu which is the folder icon (on top left menubar.)

From the File menu, you can Insert a local file from your computer and resave it to Trimble Connect. (You may need to explode and purge if it comes in as a component.)


The File menu has an Export submenu, which allows Free edition to export as PNG (image) or STL (for 3D printing.)

All the other export file types require upgrade to Shop edition.

The Web editions do not yet have an API for creating extensions. It is still in the planning stages.

I also would not be surprised if the Free edition does not ever get plugin ability, and the Shop edition (9.99/mo) is the minimum edition that supports them.


well my apologies for jumping to conclusion so fast

thanks for clearing all that up for me I will go take a look at that right away.

Thanks again.



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