New Scene Tab Feature - Option


I use a lot of scenes for presentations with clients and it gets difficult to scroll and locate the correct tab with the arrows when a scene is off my screen. I’d love to see the tabs either in the left-hand large toolbox (stacked) as an option, rather than along the top I realize I can dbl click on the scenes in the dialog box on the right, but for presentations I tend to close this for a more full screen view. An ability to colorize tabs as well would be cool. Thx!


would you only want the names, or would prefer thumbnails as well?

it would be easy to create as an extension, if one doesn’t already exist…



Scene Manager


I think just the names, just like the tabs are now but stacked over to the left. You can stack more than having the line of tabs across the top that way I would think.


Hey, I’ll check this out… not sure how I feel about the dropdowns but that might work okay. I like the current set up with the separate ‘tabs’ just feel they may be better located as stacked so I can have more of them…I tend to scan over things better up/down than left/right I think. : )


(On MS Windows,) you can create a custom tray, … dock it on the left, … move the Scenes inspector to this new tray, … and then set that tray to autohide using the pushpin button and it’ll slide into the left margin giving you almost the full width for your presentations. When ever you need to change a scene just hover the mouse over the hidden tray’s left margin tab and the tray will slide into view over the top of the model viewport.
When using a custom scene tray like this there is no need to have the scene tabs across the top visible, so you can gain extra space there also by switching them off (via the View menu.)

To have just a list of scene names, switch off the Details pane in the Scenes inspector and change the display type to “List”.

In this image, I’ve created a custom tray named “Organize” that hosts the Layers and Scenes inspector panels.
I’ve moved it to the left dock position, and then clicked the little pushpin button in the tray’s caption bar. It was collapsed into a tab in the left margin. I then moved my cursor (I use bright orange custom cursors) to hover over the tray’s margin tab and it slide out into view.

You’ll also notice I have the Help and Outliner panels also docked into custom slide out trays on the left.


Fantastic!! Thanks for the info Dan!