Scene Label Improvements

I know this has come up before, but the squeakier the wheel…

I will often have a model with twenty to thirty necessary scenes. The string of titles across the screen is cumbersome and inefficient.

The scene system would be greatly improved with a hierarchical structure (where the user could create folders: standard views, sections, details, toggled animations (latch open/latch closed)…). Minimally, the option to color-code the scenes (like sheets in excel) would change the world.

In our prop-shop, our fabricators often work in the shop right from the models, so many of the drawings don’t ever go into layout. We might have wood, metal, CNC, and finish people all working from specific scenes that I’ve set up. To not have to tab along through thirty scenes would make the use of the program much more elegant for us. I also know that those generating CDs crave the same thing.

Fingers crossed…


Very good idea.

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That would be a very useful implementation to the program, it was a huge improvement when folders for tags were implemented, I’ve also struggled when I have a lot of scenes, I try to put them in order in the scenes tray, like all the floor plans first, sections after that and 3D scenes after that, but it’s a bit uncomfortable and inefficient to scroll either on the tray or on the scene tabs to find the scene I’m looking for.

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