Improvement Suggestion to Developers

Hello SU development team.
Here is my suggestion to improve SU 2020.

I have 2 idea.

(Idea #1) Grouping Scene tabs
Scene is my nightmare.
I am designing a kitchen. Kitchen has many wood boards.
If I use 1 wood board = 1 scene,
I will have ton of scene tab. It is not easy to control :rofl:

I want to use drop down menu , tree structure for scene tabs.
I need a Grouping for Scenes.
Grouping scene is useful.

(Idea #2) Grouping tags
I also have many tags. about 100…
It is not easy to find a tag.
and Some tab should be grouped.
Grouped tag is very useful ( If SU has ).

This is useful, if we have 100 scene x 100 tags.

Please image, if we have 100 tags x 100 scenes.
ok, let’s add a new tags for a scenes. ( example Dimensions )

This new tags only used for a scene ONLY.
but I have to hide this new tag in other 99 scenes.
I have to click many times to hide added tag in other 99 scenes.
This happen many time , it’s crazy works.

if Tags has grouping, We can do this work at easy.
Just I put new tags in a group ( other 99 scene hide it ) at easy.
( I hope you can understand this situation )

I guess you are talking about Tags…(formerly Layers) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think worth to check these:

Hi Dezmo, I confused Tab, Tag , haha.
I edited post : )

thank you !

Why do you need a scene for each separate board? I can’t see why, myself. It is, at least, an uncommon workflow.

Each board need 2D image for output CAD file.
There is many drawers … it increase scenes…

There is 22 drawers. All need 2D CAD , for each board.
because Factory worker need printed CAD to cut wood board and make hole for screws…

For the record, its product managers, not developers, that make these decisions.

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Both of these have been suggested, requested and begged for years.

etc., …

etc., …

You will find more topic threads if you search the SketchUp > Feature Requests category.
(P.S. - I’ve reassigned your topic to this category.)

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Makes sense to have that.

Another way to do it, not using scenes, would be to R-click and Save As… on each board, to save each one as a separate component in a project Parts subfolder.

Would that be any simpler?

And/or use either OpenCutlist, or the CutList 4 extension from the SU Extension Warehouse, to list all the parts?

Please do not hijack topic threads.

All extension look like good :heart_eyes:
I will try to use it, Thank you.

  • OpenCutlist
  • CutList 4
  • CutMaster

SU team, Please add grouping to Scene, Tag like Outliner grouping !


Auto Invisible Layer extension allows you to set the default for a new tag to be invisible in all existing scenes.

It works : )

but Many user use 1 tag(layer) for only 1 scene.
I hope SU application has this function in Tag dialog.

Let’s try Curic Scene Manager
It allows you to create scene groups, select one/multiple tags/layers to set display on one/multiple selected scenes/group scenes.
And also set the visibility of objects on the selected scenes

I use Layers Panel plugin, which allows grouping of layers (tags). It is a bit flaky and not supported anymore, but just installed it in SU2020 and have it working without problems.

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I’m confused. I don’t have any screen that looks remotely like this. Never heard of tags until just now. Is this because I use a Mac or because I have not upgraded to 2020?

This. the term ‘Layer’ has been replaced with the term ‘Tag’ and Layer 0 is replaced with Untagged. Functionally they do exactly the same thing.

What version are you using? Please complete your profile.

I am using 2019 v19.3.252 on my iMac.

When I upgrade to 2020, will that screen be part of my interface, or is that view only on windows. It seems that there are some features in the windows versions that area not available to Mac users. Perhaps I should go back to a PC, but I really like my iMac.

It’ll be very similar on the Mac. Mostly cosmetic differences.

I guess it is time to upgrade. I am a Pro user, and I thought I should have gotten a notification of the new release, but either I didn’t get it or I mistook it for junk.

When was 2020 released?

End of January, early February. There were e-mails sent out. I think I got several. Is your maintenance and support up to date?