Scene Grouping

I would like to be able to group scenes. For example if you have an animation, scenes for layout, and scenes to change axis, it gets really cluttered. It would be nice if you could group them and have them condense into their groups. Then you could also group different animations so that you could more quickly and accurately switch between them.


I’m all for more organisation.

We have grouping of drawing elements (components & groups hierarchy in the Outliner). The same could be applied to scenes, layers, materials.


This has been requested many times, usually in the form of drop down lists for tabs. Same goes for organizing layers.

Bring it on.

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There is an extension for that, I hardly pay attention to the tabs on top since…

Curic Scene Manager

It works well with the Curic Tools set, see their FB page for info, etc.

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Thanks, I’ll check that out.