Future Sketchup Release Functionality Enhancements - Create "Acts" parent to "Scenes"

I doubt I am the first to make the observation that when working in Sketchup that the “Scenes” ribbon at the top of the model space can get crowded rather quickly… so why hasn’t there been a modification/update similar to the Tags folder structure? Picture instead of the Scene 1, Scene 2 … (or whatever one names their Scenes to) that the ribbon space gets reallocated to “Acts” with drop down list of “Scenes” under it. Act 1 - Scene 1, Act 1 - Scene 2, Act 2- Scene 1, Act 2- Scene 2… I wish I had the time to learn all the programming necessary to accomplish this, otherwise I would do it myself. While not an architect - picture having all floor plans under one Act, all Reflective Ceiling Plans under another and so on. Food for thought

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Ha! I love the concept of Acts.

Yes, this has been requested (and ignored) countless times. However, improvements to the flexibility of Layout has made it less necessary to create so many scenes in SU itself. Not everyone likes that and it is a feature that is probably still underused, but worth exploring.

So many other things in SU have been given this extremely useful hierarchical structure that it is a bit of a surprise that it hasn’t yet been extended to scenes. Maybe one day your prince will come…

BTW, this thread should probably be in Feature Requests.