Request - Scenes and Tab's and a quick jump and back and a Pages Tab Bar in Layout


After being busy with other things, the first thing I noticed ( again ) when I open my project in SU is that I got a lot of scenes, and after being walking through them I need them because of Layout. And the more the better it works for Layout.

Yesterday I did look at an Youtube films from from Mr. Sanders, great stuf b.t.w, I noticed he got the same thing going on.
To many Tab’s on top of the drawing space to have it all there at one’s.

No problem, I can live with that. The far right popdown with the whole list is logical.
However, what I am missing is:

  • A popdown list in the toolbar. - Then I can put one on the middle or left and the one already on the far right in the scene tab bar. Way quicker to change scenes.

  • Adjustable Tab width size. - Now at a certain point the tab width size is decreasing when it get filled up. I would love to have a setting where we can set a minimum size of the width of the Tab. In the beginning I use names like CON-blah1, CON-blah2, DET-det1, DET-det2, TOP-ALLON. e.t.c. Like many people will do. Now I a use for each type of Scene, Pages and Layers a starting number like for scenes C234T-scenename or D462P-scenename. This as an hack kind of solution, other wise I just see a row with CON… CON… CON… CON… DET… DET… DET… If I can adjust the Tab size I can see a more meaningful Scene name.

  • Page Bar in Layout or/and Page popup in toolbar. Would be great to have a Page bar or a popdown item in the Layout toolbar to go quickly to a page.

  • quickly jump from one scene (and pages ) to another or two scenes ( pages ) side by side. For me it would be nice to have a way, to look at two scenes when drawing on the main scene. that I can check on a second scene without losing focus on the main one. F.e if we draw on a scene1 and did turn off a few layers or change the section plane setting to have a better sight and want to check something on another scene123 and then go back the scene1 got the original scene1 settings back. I like to have a kind of temp wildcard key that keeps the scene1 in his last ‘used’ state ( settings, view and text cursor ) but not saved state. Then we can look around and comes back to that unchanged ( settings ) scene1. Or Side by side.

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