New releases? Way to be notified?


I understand you’re continuing to work on, which is fantastic. My question is, what’s the best way to find out when a new release happens, and what’s updated/new in each release? It would be great to try out the improvements each time they happen.


I also asked for this and suggested simply a “What’s New” announcement thread here in the my.sketchup category that interested persons could “watch” (ie subscribe to.)

Nothing fancy. And I didn’t ask for every nitty push and gritty little coding detail to be announced. Just and occasional announcement when new features come on line, and are ready to be tested.

How else are users to know ?


I believe it’s called a Change file and if they don’t have at least one along with a documentation specialist then something is badly wrong Houston!


They do, but it is internal. Each time one of us has asked (in the past) for these courtesy announcements, we are basically told that the product is in beta, and they are making changes too often, to be bothered with keeping us notified of any changes whatsoever.

I am not going to start it up every day, (or weekly) just to see if anything has changed, … whether there is an integrated “What’s New” built-into the interface, or I have to go manually searching through it’s interface, in order to attempt to discover if some new feature has magically appeared.

So, in response, I have not been participating in testing it, nor reported many issues (since.) And even if this request is finally implemented, unfortunately for me it is too late. I’m soured on the project, and I really don’t care much for it as I don’t myself have need for it.

That’s not to say it is not a nifty product. I see it being immensely useful especially for education.

Anyway, there are enough other users to do the testing.

I am now setting this whole category on “ignore”. Bye bye, my.sketchup.


Partially in response to this topic, and… we had this in the works for quite a while, we have exposed an about section inside the left side menu. Just click on the SketchUp icon. You will find a change log with the current updates. We will be adding an announcement section to the my.sketchup forum area as well soon.