[Q] SU 15.1.106 change log?


Looked up the web but could not trace a change log!?
Why new releases are not populated in the blog, or preferably also here,with a change log?


Like this one?


Yes, one like that covering the latest release 15.1.106. The link you provided is showing 15.0.9350


Perhaps that is because the current publicly available SketchUp version IS 15.0.9350
Anything higher than that, probably refers to a beta testing maintenance release, and since we might assume that it would be covered by a NDA, no one outside of any supposed beta-testing group should know about it, and of course we might also surmise that beta-testers would have any newer change-log available to them ‘privately’…
Perhaps you have just broken your NDA ?
Or have a hooky version ??


15.1.106 is not beta and publicly available (since 2 days) from here http://dl.trimble.com/sketchup/SketchUpPro-en-x64.exe


We released a release candidate late last Friday to address from critical crashes some users where experiencing during startup in SketchUp and a crash in LayOut regarding the flyout widget. Other than that there are not changes - this was purely a crash-fix release. Expect release docs to come online next week.


changes (hehe, brain fart)


This release has NOT been publicly announced, and leaves potential beta-tester left out to dry and potentially embarrassed !
This is NOT good PR.
It is a beta RC…
Why is it in the public domain…
If you were releasing it to a discreet number of non-beta-tester user [as an emergency-fix], in anticipation of its impending formal release then you should have at least told them to exercise some propriety.

My understanding is that beta-testers are sworn to a bloody oath in an NDA, that they may not publicly mention any new version before it is made public - let alone discuss it.
Then Trimble seem to have given beta-versions of RCs to general users who are not bound by anything, and then they publicly talk about them.
This is quite frankly ridiculous…

If I were a beta-tester I would be very miffed.
Of course I can’t confirm, or even deny, than I am a beta-tester - because I might reasonably expect that under the terms of a stringent NDA, even a mention of being subject to that NDA are prohibited !!!

However, @thomthom himself must, I guess, have a role as an in house beta-tester, and he has publicly divulged information relating to a forthcoming version, that was probably confidential - which must therefore be in contravention of his NDA, or perhaps terms of employment…, In his defense someone at Trimble seems to have published the M1RC1 with no announcement, so it IS public as far as Trimble is concerned, BUT as far as beta-tester is concerned it is still confidential !!!

Where did that download link come from ?
I can’t find it…

Realistically, this whole thread should have been jumped on by Trimble and deleted until something was made ‘public’ - it clearly broke some NDA or similar rules - even if I must surmise them, as I couldn’'t possibly comment from a stand point of sure knowledge :wink:


If this was an official release, then why wasn’t the release announced in the SketchUpdate or here in the forum?
I do not see any mention of the release anywhere.


This is a shambles !


Go to the Downloads all page

  1. right click on the 64bit Windows 2015 english link
  2. Choose “Copy link location” (or similar depending upon browser.)


The point it M1 has been released with no announcement.
Probably leaving beta-testers in the dark, and users confused !


No it’s released product. The testing of this one was very short because it had a very narrow scope.

We haven’t given any pre-release to non beta testers. It was simply a quick turnaround fix for some critical fixes to startup crash some users had. The update is not pushed to existing users because if they where affected by the crash they wouldn’t have been able to start SU and use the update service. Existing users of SU2015 would have no benefit.

Huh? The release is out, there is no secret. As I mentioned, it was pretty late on friday right before people left the office so there might not have been a post in the beta forum.

Not sure if we make a big announcement about this one - there are no new feature or anything. It only affects those who where unable to launch SketchUp. Expect release docs to update next week when people are back in office.


At least update the change-log to reflect the current version of M1…
It DOES affect anyone who installs the latest download-able version, as the notes are now confusingly out of date.
It does NOT just affect those who were unable to launch SketchUp; ANYONE downloading the latest version is affected.
Also how did users who were unable to open SketchUp learn of the updated M1 version being available ?
Osmosis ?
Logically we must assume that Trimble must have made some announcement somewhere ?
Otherwise how did it become ‘known’.
OR the OP an unlucky new user who stumbled upon the changed version ??
But you then never told the rest of us ??

The release may be ‘out’, BUT it WAS a secret.
Because no one at Trimble bothered to make any announcements at all - even just on this forum - then it became a mystery far bigger than it needed to be…
Whether there were posts announcing it on the beta-forum loyal beta-testers cannot tell - since of course if any of us were beta-testers our NDA would preclude such comments. But one might deduce from the furore that there wasn’t, but I couldn’t possibly comment…

In my humble opinion the whole thing has been an utter shambles.

The M1 release does not even address the split circle segment change BugSplat débâcle which has been discussed ad nauseam in many forums…


@tig, there was no announcement, the changes were minor. If a new users downloads SketchUp they get the new version with the fixes in place. If an existing user is seeing a bug, they’ll either get a message from the Bugsplat system encouraging them to upgrade or they’ll be advised to do so in whatever method they are requesting support. You can rest assured we do not post beta versions of SketchUp to anyone other than those whom are already signed up as a beta tester and aware of the risks of beta software. I will be adding the very short update to our release notes article to reflect the new, current version number and issues addressed in this fix.

Note that this minor update addresses such a small number of users that issuing the “Upgrade Now” message will just confuse folks and be needless badgering. When there is a new version which has the scope to affect a more significant number of users then we will go through the standard beta process and all SketchUp users will get the message encouraging them to upgrade.

If you continue to have specific complaints about this update, please take it to private messages with the appropriate party.


I have no issues with the update at all - I’m sure many were working in the background to develop this M1 release.

My beef is entirely with the way that it was handled - or more correctly ‘mishandled’.

By not announcing it, Trimble did NOT even make M1 available to those experiencing problems installing M0, as I understand they got no BugSplat from which to get an advice to reinstall - just a crash before SketchUp installed at all !
So these would-be-users were ill-served by the way Trimble dealt with the changes.
These thwarted-users would have no reason to try to download again - after all as far as they knew it’s still v15.0…
New downloaders get v15.1… but of course without proper Release Notes they are confused about what they have got too.

Even today the lack of a proper announcement and the out of step Release Notes offer no clues to thwarted-users that M1 is actually available !

This of course, then puts an unnecessary burden on ‘helpful’ users who try to assist and resolve the queries raised - particularly when they themselves are also in the dark…

Had Trimble made the slightest announcement here, and just briefly updated their Release Notes, then all of this would have been avoided, and Trimble would not be left looking like an unprofessional two-bit gang of muppets - where the left-hand doesn’t know what the right-hand is doing.

This is not the appropriate place to discuss potential beta-testers, and perhaps their embarrassment at not being kept in the loop… but suffice it to say, that if I were a beta-tester [ and of course I might not be able to even suggest there is a beta-test program, under a surmised NDA prohibition, let alone say I was one ] - then I would be disgruntled at the perfunctory way Trimble have dealt with this débâcle - particularly in this respect.

Am I the only one who can see how poorly this reflects on SketchUp & Trimble ??


TIG - we love users/developers like you that give direct feedback. You’ve done this since I started working on SketchUp. I dug back in the archives to pull one of your posts from that era, around 2007, when you wrote: “I suspect that Google doesn’t have any hidden motives in doing this - it’s some inept dork must have written some code wrong… BUT ‘they’ have responsibilty (sic) for their products and services. … Google MUST buck up OR loose our confidence completely - it’s already dented !”

And here we are… 7 years later. And despite all the confidence denting we’ve managed to do, we’re all still here, inept dorks included, working with a product that we love. And you help me make my point with my coworkers that I learned while at NeXT and Apple: that despite the tone of the criticism that we get from time to time, we need to look at the value that we get from criticism (myself front and center on this one), and set the tone aside sometimes. When challenged by Steve Jobs, the last thing you wanted do was cower or give some “yes-man” answer. You were being challenged to provide valuable feedback that you actually thought about or were passionate about. Although my “just go and hide” strategy worked pretty well at times, too. :slight_smile:

So we hear you. Sorry if you think we didn’t calculate the level of confusion properly. I guess time will tell if that’s right. As always, thanks for the feedback.




When I started this “constructive criticism”, of what I still perceive as Trimble/SketchUp-Team’s ‘poor show’ in the way this release was handled [and is still being mishandled], I did not expect to have a full secret-service-style investigation trawling back through my posts from seven years ago [ including snide (sic) comments for my typo - auto-spellcheckers were not so common then ! ].
That text was posted on sketchucation,com regarding the release of a v6 update: see this - http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=15230#p15230- for its proper context if anyone is interested [yes I can Google!].
And it covered another earlier ‘forced’ release débâcle - without up to date Release Notes etc - from which, clearly the SketchUp-Team have learnt few useful lessons…
I know Trimble is not Google - but I know it should be better !

I am sorry if my 'tone' rankles with you or your coworkers. But your coworkers have done nothing to alleviate my concerns in this regard, and as I type this these things still remain un-addressed... If you did a little more in the direction of making a proper public announcement and updating Release Notes, rather than scraping back through my records for no apparent constructive purpose, then I'd be a lot happier... As I said in a post, which I may or may not have made, elsewhere - "2 out of 10, must try harder..."
I **am** still deeply involved with SketchUp after all of the ups and downs over the many years - but that's because I love SketchUp - not because I loved Google, and not because I love Trimble.
I am saddened when SketchUp is brought into the slightest disrepute - especially when its avoidable - and extra especially when the Trimble/SketchUp-Team must have protocols and checklists to cover the issuing of updates and so on - and I'm sure that none of those will include the options to NOT announce it properly, or to NOT change the Release Notes to coincide with the update's release. To 'forget' to do something *is not an option.* Then to NOT put it right several days later *is not an option.*
I also have to postulate that 'elsewhere' your team might have also failed to keep your hypothetical beta-testers properly informed of this version-release beforehand [although as I have stressed elsewhere, if I were a beta-tester then I could not publicly confirm or deny that fact, or even allude to the existence of a beta-test at all, because I can but surmise that any NDA would probably prohibit even that...]


I would not call it “secret-service-style investigation trawling”, a simple Google will do. And I’ve made my share of ranting posts, so I’m no different than you. And, as I read your post in 2007, it was spot on, and we rushed to fix, and we apologized. I don’t think this one raises to the level of that bug, or lack of notification. But this was a quick turnaround for a client fix, unlike that one where we could fix on the web. I’d estimate at 99.99% wont see the issue nor will need the fix, but for that small group it was not a good experience. So we didn’t do a big release due to the small numbers of affected.

Your comments duly noted for next time.


'nuff said on both sides…
Let’s all get back to doing something that’s constructive…