my.SketchUp: Now in open Beta!

Howdy Folks,

This week, my.SketchUp changed from requiring an invitation to an open Beta. This means that anyone can go to and click Launch to start using the app. This is a great step forward for my.SketchUp and it shows, in my opinion, that we have the right amount of cautious optimism to ask a lot more folks to experience 3D drawing in a web browser.

We also notified a large number of SketchUppers about this change via email. This will kick the tires pretty hard on the technology and infrastructure behind my.SketchUp. So if you notice any strange behavior or lags, feel free to post your experience in this forum. We don’t anticipate any disruption, but it’s tough to test these situations without opening the floodgates, so to speak.

Onward and upward!