We've opened the beta to everyone!


Hi guys,

We have removed the invitation process for new users of our my.SketchUp beta. New folks who visit “my.sketchup.com” for the first time will not be required to wait for an invitation before they can try the beta.

Happy Beta-ing!



Awesome. What a great way to get others into it. I’ve started sharing some models at work with colleagues who don’t haver administrator rights on their PCs install SketchUp.:+1:


when my.sketchup.com is no longer beta, will it cost money to use it? :confounded: I hope not. :confounded:


Hi John,

We haven’t announced any plans yet for bringing my.SketchUp out of beta, but as a team we remain committed to providing an easy-to-use toolbox for making 3D models available at no cost for those who need it.