New problem with an asymmetric stretch

Using Sketchup 2016 desktop

Trying to stretch a object edge in two dimensions (from Point A to Point B, see attached model), but the Move-tool only wants to stretch in one direction. I’ve been able to do this with a similar model, but for some reason this particular model resists all attempts to accomplish the move.
Asymmetric Stretch 2.skp (17.5 KB)

Hold Alt while moving that edge and it’ll go. Due to the shape you need to invoke Auto Fold

What is this thing supposed to be?

Thanks DaveR; that did the trick.

To answer your question, it’s not supposed to be anything; I was just experimenting with Sketchup features. I started with a rectangular shape and didn’t have a problem making that move, changing the rectangle into a trapezoid. It’s when I shifted the rectangular shape at various angles that I was having issues with the move.

Didn’t know about the “Alt” function, or Auto-Fold, and quite frankly the Sketchup help, is not very much help. In fact now that I know about it I did a search for “ALT” in the help center. [] and none of the responses was useful in explaining the “ALT” and how it could affect various Sketchup functions.

Thanks again for your help,


just a sidenote, you should mark Daves answer as the solution instead of yours so that others can find it more easily…

Yes, I noticed the problem and already corrected it, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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It was essentially SketchUp telling you that the move you wanted to do would force the edges of a rectangular face out of plane. Activating Auto Fold with Alt tells SketchUp that it’s OK to break the face into triangles so that faces can be maintained. SketchUp doesn’t allow faces to get twists as you could do in a sheet of plywood or plastic.

Great information DaveR.
The funny thing is I think I experimented with a Shift-Move & Cntr-Move; guess I missed the Alt-Move - lol

Thanks again.

Watch that lower left message line when you select various tools. :wink: