Trying to stretch and create an emboss on a square face using alt modifier key

Hey guys, I’m a new person to SketchUp and my boss wants me on level 10000 by tomorrow when I am a slow but hard-working learner that struggles to get CAD in general. - YIKES, pray for me. Anywho.

In the early weeks of learning SketchUp I followed a beginners tutorial (which I cannot find at all :/) that showed users how to make a boat. I actually made the boat and was proud of myself. When learning to create this boat, there was a step that I have been using for the past two weeks now: which is too extend/stretch a face so that it’s edges are diagonal.

So, I don’t think I properly explained exactly what I am trying to do, so here’s my long explanation tehehe:

So I would draw a rectangle box

  • would press M (move) tool AND also the CTRL button (to bring up the plus sign to duplicate something) [- lol I know you guys know this but I want to give clear explanations here so bare with]
  • As I position my copied square to be on top of my of the original square; just separating it with a bit of height
  • I would then hit the ALT key (Windows users - wohoo)
  • the result would end with an embossed leg. [see picture for reference]

@AT work, that trick was not working and I was googling and searching for like 2 hrs, because I am still new at this programme. One user did mention that it was due to an extension plug interfering but I am like 2 days old with understanding how to use the basic tools of S.U and I have no clue of how to check if the plug- in is a factor.

Anyways, does anybody have any guesses as to why it’s not working OR am I approaching my intended aim wrong?


Hi there,
I think you’re misremembering something.
Probably the quickest and most ‘teach a man to fish’ solution would be to head over to and look in the core modelling section, perhaps specifically about using the offset tool which will let you recreate two intersected squares. Then take a look at the section on using the move tool where it demonstrates the ‘auto fold’ option.
If this goes to plan, you will end up with the shape you’re looking for. It won’t be a solid and may have reversed faces but it will be a good start and help you understand the principles of how this cool program works.
As with most modelling in Sketchup, there are lots of ways of achieving what you’re trying to do.
Other more Sagely members might come up with different advice!
Good luck. And try to manage your bosses expectations!!


When going through the tutorials mentioned in the last post take a look at the push-pull tool. think you can make the tapered legs with that tool. There are some plugin for the pro version that create tapered assemblies as well. Taper Maker comes to mind for this process.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Sofa leg.skp (28.6 KB)

Also the official SketchUp youtube channel is a good resource for learning.
Pay special attention to the Square One series, that’s for beginners.

After that proceed with the Skill Builder series:

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