New materials causing materials tray to lag badly

We have a job that requires a bunch of Benjamin Moore colors so went over and downloaded several of their palettes for SU. They came in as older SU models than our 2018Pro and got the warning with regards to saving and so on. I just saved the colors (in model) in a named folder but now if any of those collections I saved are active in the materials tab in my tray it takes several seconds (spinning wheel) for the tray to pop out from autohide. If I have any other material selected it snaps in and out instantly like normal.

Is this an issue of their being so many colors in the collection? I didnt save the downloaded files from Ben Moore in a SU2018 format, should I have done that prior to creating the new collection in my materials library? Im not interested in dealing with the lag or having to remember to switch back to another material every time I use the BM color palette and could just grab the few colors I need and save them as a new template and delete the collection but would rather have all the BM stuff on hand anyway for future use.

Thanks for any input.

I suspect it is related to the sheer number of colors included in the collection. I see collections such as Pantone take longer to open but then there’s over 1000 colors in the Pantone library. If it’s just too long for you, edit the library and remove colors you wouldn’t use. Or sort the colors into smaller collections so you don’t have so many to load for a given collection.

Thanks Dave. That was my guess but didnt know if I was doing something wrong on my end. Would breaking up the collections into volumes help? For instance a color palette that has 250 colors in it putting it into 3 folders (Ben Moore Classics <volume 1>), 2 , 3 etc? I am assuming the lag is SU having to load the entire collection correct?

Could be you aren’t holding your tongue right. :smiley:

Yes. The lag is due to SketchUp loading all the colors in the collection. If you split the 250 colors into, say, 5 different collections, you’ll only be loading 50 colors at a time. My guess is you could sort the colors into smaller batches that make sense for what you are doing. The other thing to consider is that you may not need every shade of pink that Ben offers. Maybe you just delete some of them. Some colors are likely so far out of the range you’d use that you could dump them. Some are probably so close together that you won’t be able to tell one from the other on screen or when printed out.

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