Materials Tray Lagging/Slow

Hey everyone,

I am having a major issue with my materials tray. Navigating the tray is slow. For example, when I start to scroll in the tray, it takes 10 seconds just to skip to where I scrolled to if that makes sense.

I am working on a Mac in Sketchup Pro Version 19.2.221. At our office we are working off of a server, but I have tried working off of my desktop and haven’t seen any changes. The files that I am working with are not large and do not have a large quantity of materials. I also have had others in our office open the exact same files and have had zero issues.

I recently physically moved my desk in the office which is when I started having this problem. We have also changed my ethernet cord to travel back to my old desk (approximately 12 feet away), which has also not helped the issue. Turning off wi-fi does also not help the issue.

Anyone have any advice?

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