Saving a color palette from 3D Warehouse in material library?


Hi all. I’m totally new to Sketchup and have a basic question. There are a number of Sherwin Williams color palettes in the 3D Warehouse that I would like to add (or import) into the materials library in Sketchup, but I’m not quite sure how to do that. I can bring the file into Sketchup, which displays a giant palette with the colors, but then what do I do? From the paint bucket tool I see where I can “save collection as”, but doing that appears to save a lot more than just the palette colors (not sure why). So there must be a better way. Thanks for any help with this.


What are you saving from the Materials Window that isn’t those colors? Only the materials should get saved.

Open that color palette in SketchUp.
Go to the Materials window.
Click on the House icon in the Materials window so you are seeing the In Model library.
Click on the details icon (the black arrow to the right of the drop down menu).
Choose Save collection as…
Save the collection.
Click on the Details icon again and choose Add to Favorites.



if you import into a new model, with an empty template than you will only get those materials, else you’ll also get the baggage…


There is black, red, green and some other colors that aren’t part of the
imported palette. Those appear even if I start with a new (blank)
sketch. Could those be from that reference “man” that shown by default?

Thanks for the help!


Indeed, they are materials from the “reference man”. Delete him from that model and go to Window>Model Info>Statistics. Click on Purge Unused. Then return to the Materials window and proceed as above.

As nice a guy as Steve (the reference man) is, I didn’t keep him in my template. If you want to avoid having him show up every time you open a new session of SU, open a new session and delete and purge as described. Then use File>Save as template to make a new default template.


And if you don’t want those colors in the future, open a new model, follow DaveR’s instructions above, and then save as template. The man is included to give scale in several of the standard templates.


That was it. I just realized I was importing into a “simple template”,
not a blank one. Duh! :-[ A blank one does just show the palette
colors. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for your help.