New Levono locks up


I have a new Lenovo laptop that locks up when I am drawing in Sketchup Pro. It will let me start drawing but then locks up. It is the same for a saved file or a new drawing,. Please see attached screen shots for details of computer. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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Most likely the problem is related to your graphics processors and their drivers. You might try updating the graphics drivers by getting them directly from Intel. Both the A370M and the Iris XE rank pretty low according to the various benchmark sites. If SketchUp is an important part of your workflow you might want to see if you can return this computer and get one with a decent graphics card.

As Dave rightly says, Sketchup relies on a good graphics processor, preferably a dedicated rather than integrated one. And I’m sorry to be the barer of bad news, but the Sketchup community also finds that Intel graphics processors should be avoided if possible.

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This is what I had bought first of all but it developed a problem and they swapped it out for Lenovo. Please see attachment. This has a better graphics card, I can see if I can get back the dell XPS 15 if you think it will be better. Or your suggestion…

The Nvidia GeForce graphics card would be a much better choice for SketchUp than theGPU in your current machine.

Yes. For SketchUp use, the CPUs in the two machines are almost identical, but the Nvidis GPU makes a difference.

Agreed too, the Nvidia RTX series performs far better for Sketchup and the spec for the XPS15 has good results, I have 2 machines (laptop and desktop) with different specs, but both running RTX graphics mostly for Sketchup and they outperform the setup I had before. Good luck.

All is well with the world again. I swapped the Lenovo out for an MSI laptop that has a NVIDIA GeForce RTX3070 Ti laptop GPU. It works well so far. Thanks for the advice.

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