New-ish to SketchUp need help with a file

Hello I have been using sketchup 8 for abit, still figuring it out as I always did basic stuff.
Now I’m trying to bring an image into sketchup do I can make an exact 3d model from it to make plans and a model.
How do you clean up lines from joint a curve to a flat line or two curves connected?

I have a pdf, jpeg, and a dxf file I can use, I am wondering if anyone can help import and trace the shape better then I can. It’s sort of egg shaped so curved lines except 1 side.

SketchUp Make doesn’t import DXF, otherwise that would have been the easiest solution.

You would import the JPEG as an image, lock it, and then trace over the bitmap with lines and arcs.

If I need to work from a photograph to create a model, I generally don’t bother trying to trace it. Photographs of real pieces of furniture are rarely suitable for tracing anyway. They are also rarely suitable for Match Photo. Instead I would import the image and stand it up in the background as a reference to look at and then just model the piece entering appropriate dimensions as I go.

To what are you referring exactly? Is it that you need to soften edges or something else? Post an image showing what you are asking about.

Here’s a link to an old DXF importer that worked with SU8 as far as I remember.

I’ll try to upload an image, I know my image was created from 4 circles and a spline (?) But I can’t seem to recreate it properly looking at the image.