File import failed


I am trying to import the attached image into sketchup. It was originally a png which I converted to pdf and then dfx. However when I go to import the dfx I get an import failed message.

I have attached the pdf and png. (Edit: how do I attach files to this?)

I want the lines of the image to be recognised by sketchup so I don’t have to draw round every individual line. It worked for me last year but I’m stuck now :man_facepalming:. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated as this is for a college project.

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Which operating system are you using? Windows 10 or Mac?
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Personally I did not used… but I heard that Inkscape can convert (trace) images and can save it as dxf.

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A raster image remains a raster image unless you draw over it or use some vectorizing application. Converting, as you did, to DXF, only creates an AutoCad file with the image as an external reference. SketchUp doesn’t support external references.
In older times I tried various expensive applications that were for autotracing scanned drawings. Usually cleaning up the result took more time than drawing the thing anew completely from scratch.

Thanks my friend! I used a vectorising application and was able to import it into sketchup. You’re right tho I have some tidying to do!

Thanks again.

Got it sorted. Thanks for the reply.