New Install SUMake 14 - (Vista) - Not Working as it should?

A newbie here unable to draw anything visible. Following the SU tutorial like a good student, notice that dimensions are shown and also the number of items drawn is listed.
Also when changing the shape - from rectangle to circle - the work area turns black.

Not feeling much love for a program that I can’t start! All help welcomed. Thanks in advance.

To have SU 14 on a Vista computer, you must have set it up some time ago and then not used it (SU 14 is no longer available for standard download, and Vista is no longer supported)! It seems likely that your display card and/or its driver are not up to snuff for SketchUp, but it is hard to be certain from what you describe. Could you upload a screen shot illustrating the problem?

Yeah, workspace going black indicates an issue with deficient OpenGL support.

Test it. In SU, go to Window > Preferences > OpenGL and disable Use hardware acceleration. Restart SU. If this helps, you may need to keep this setting as your computer is using an integrated graphics chip with limited support for the functions required by SU. Though you can try installing whatever updates may still be available for your system.

@slbaumgartner As stated, I downloaded it yesterday from a link by the SketchUp Community Manager (The Link is in the 10th post in case you don’t believe me) How to get the SketchUp Make 2014 version so I did not download it “some time ago and not used it” as you so sagely suggested.

@catamountain Thanks for the positive help/support which is what a forum is for - I’ll try that when next on the laptop and will try posting a screenshot too as suggested by Steve.

Worked immediately once selected didn’t need to restart. Thanks again @catamountain. Now the learning can begin . . . .

And first thing to learn from that is that your Graphic Card either isn’t capable of running sketchup or it may be able to if you update it’s drivers.
Disabling hardware acceleration is a simple way of cutting to the chase.
If it fixes the obvious problem it shows the deeper problem.

To be honest, knowing Vista and all it’s problems, I would doubt you’ll have a good experience with Sketchup.

@Box Thanks.
I understand this laptop has serious limitations but I have to stick with it for a short time until I get a chance to renew it for the wife (it’s hers).
It probably has more wrong with it than right at present. I know it struggles with EVERYTHING I try but it did a job in years gone by. Mainly used just for emails these days.