New iMac - installing SketchUp Pro - won't recognise my Classic License (expires Sept 2021)

Hi I’ve an new iMac and have tried to add my existing Classic license however it’s not accepting it…

What letters does your classic license start with? Are you installing the correct version?

Hi, it’s the one I was sent when I upgraded… so should be ok…serial no starts with VA

And what version of SketchUp did you install?

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Version 20.2.171

How are you adding the license? Are you copying and pasting from the e-mail with the license info or typing in the key and serial number manually?

copying, it’s coming up with a message license server may be busy… I’ll try again later perhaps…

I guess that would have been useful to know up front. That’s different than your license not being recognized.

The license server may be down for a little bit or it may be a connection between you and the server. I would expect waiting a little while would be a good thing. You should be able to use SketchUp through the 30-day trial for the time being.

sorry. wasn’t being recognised on the web, when locating it that way…

Thanks for taking the time to try to help me…

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How are things at the moment? I tried adding a license, and it seemed to work ok.

Hi Colin, just tried it and it’s all good. Thank you.