2021 Pro Classic

I tried to download the v21 pro that I have coming. I have had the Pro classic from V6 and do not want the subscription that downloaded. I have the maintenance which runs to March 2021. What can I do to get what I have coming?

You should be able to download 2021 from sketchup.com/download/all Somewhere you should have an e-mail that give you the license information but you can also try looking up the license info here: https://www.sketchup.com/license/renew Use your serial number from SU2020.

Keep in mind that this would be your last version of SketchUp as there’s no more Classic license.

Thanks Dave
Your first link is where I downloaded to start with. The second one just said they no longer support the classic ones.

They don’t supply classic licenses anymore. That was announced a long time ago. I guess you’ll need to hunt through your e-mails for your new license info. @colin my be able to resend it.

The look up functionality should still work.
You can find the serial number in rhe welcome screen of an older version

I used the serial number from V20 and it said we don’t upgrade the classics any more

They don’t.

Change the first letter in a ‘W’

I entered the W as you said and it looks like I am up and running.
At the age of 80 years I don’t want to get into a sub because I don’t intend to work for ever.
Thanks for the help to both of you guys.


I once priced out an entire window replacement package of Hope’s steel windows for elderly former clients of my father’s. It was rather expensive, and they declined employing an expression that has stuck with me ever since: “At our age, we don’t even buy green bananas anymore.”


Right on RTCool. Don’t try to get a long term loan longer that 2 days either.


We have a similar history with SketchUp. You had a license that is about 5000 Mac licenses later than my one. Mine was for SketchUp 5 and your first one was like you said, for SketchUp 6.

I did see that you activated the 2021 license at 2pm, though I’m not sure what time zone that means!

I’m in the central time zone,Great Lakes area. There was no indication of using the W for first letter of the serial number not the V that it had. Thanks to Mike, if not for him I would be still swearing. And thanks to all for the help.

At the age of 80…inspirational. I’m 74.

I will retire when I get old. Maybe then I will Know what I want to do when I grow up.

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