New Extension: Scribbler

A Landscape Architect asked me for this one. It was taking him a long time to make scribbly lines to represent hedges and bushes on his plans. I came up with a quickie plugin to make the “Bushy” pattern. He then said that’s great, but we also need these other patterns. A couple months later, I have this extension to offer.

All the patterns are customizable by changing their parameters. Custom settings can be saved as named “Styles” for use on other projects.
Even though the patterns are meant to be somewhat random, you can nail down the parameters to get regular repeating patterns, such as wall insulation.
I had a lot of fun writing this extension, and hope that you will enjoy using it. Check it out here.


Very cool.

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Just for reference:

  • Are these “scribbles” drawn into a new group ?

  • Are they editable afterward like ThomThom’s 3D Text Editor ?

    • (Note, he achieves this by attaching an attribute dictionary to the text group with the properties that his command can reload into the edit dialog if the user right-clicks a group with his dictionary attached.)

Suggest you also make the extension available on/van Sketchucation

Also, it would be neat if this extension could be used to draw proxies for things like bushes or other complex objects.

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  • Yes, the scribble (and the face if you select the Fill Faces option) are put into a new group, so that they don’t accidentally cut other geometry.
  • They are as editable as any other curve in SketchUp. There’s also a “Rescribble” function that lets you re-make the Scribble if you don’t like how it looks. In fact, you can change settings and Rescribble as many times as you like, as long as it’s your latest Scribble.
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Thanks for the suggestions, Dave!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Read the documentation and it sure looks interesting. If my laptop had not died, I would give it a try. Had some equipment where I think it would have been a good tool to use, :+1: