Extension for landscaping and terrain work

Hi guys, Hope you are doing well. I just want to know that, Is there any extensions/Plugins so that I can model those RAW embankments and landscape work and a footpath following that landscape? I know these are some raw shapes but Is it possible to get something near to it inside SketchUp ?

I use Artisan Organic extension - it takes time to develop the skills to do an accurate job.

Is Artisan Organic Extension free to use?

I am not a landscape designer but my client insist me to do that RAW landscaping terrain work. The Architecture work is complete but now he wants to model those raw terrains and landscape which is very difficult to even think of.

This is the actual site and building.

It is a paid extension, check the extension warehouse for any trial period. Watch a few videos to see if it will work for you.

Will the terrain stay the same after construction - if not why not draw the likely new grads?

Another option is for the client to pay for a 3D scan (Lidar, etc.)

3D scan ? Sounds sophesticated.

These are the modeling progress so far. But the terrain and landscaping he rejected.

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In SketchUp you can position your alleys, stairs and terraces, and in Sculptris you can shape your land around them and import back in SketchUp as OBJ file. Or you could try with Sandbox tools (SketchUp).

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The slope at the back looks too steep - I would raise the retaining wall.

Consider pushing the lower retaining walls back make more space / light around the glassed in extension (reorient the steps).

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Some actual site photographs. This is actually a renovation project

Thank you dear. Native sandbox tool would work for those landscape and terrain work?

Not as easy as with Artisan, but you could try to see if it’s fit you and you like the result.


GSTUDIOS you are right. But I am just limited to the plans provided by the client and his directions.

for the path, you could look into: Instant Road Nui | Vali Architects | Instant Scripts …it’s a paid yearly subscription but if this is for commercial work then maybe you can lump it into your fee.


As an option, have you tried match photo, drawing a few contour lines and use Sandbox>from contours?

@GSTUDIOS, if the question is in general, I think the contour line version is also valid, but I prefer to work with quads. Otherwise, I would work the terrain directly in Sculptris, because I can texture it with UV mapping.

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Right now I am working on that part. It an embankment in the right and a walkway/footpath going from west to east. But still it is not refined. It is done by Sandbox tool.

This is the real photo of that place. ( A walk way and embankment from one side of building to other)

Haven’t tried match photo. But used sandbox to model that walk way. Please check it. and let me know how can I refine it?