New computer, need to transfer RBZ files!

How can i transfer over my extensions from a different computer?
I don’t have any of the RBZ files saved anywhere but I was wondering if maybe they’d be located on the C drive or a temp file.

Presumably you are using Windows? You put 2023 for the operating system but that is NOT an operating system.

You can copy the Plugins folder on your old computer. It’s in User/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/… AppData is normally hidden so you’ll have to make hidden folders visible in File Explorer. Paste that folder into the equivalent location on your new computer. After you do that be ready to deal with load errors when you start SketchUp. Some extensions may require updates, some may require licensing, and some may require the use of their own, in-built installer and won’t work if you just copy and paste them.

Or, if you would prefer to eliminate chasing the load errors, just install them fresh from their sources so you get the latest versions and get them installed correctly in the first place. If you have extensions from Sketchucation and you used the Sketchucation Extension Store to install them, install the Extension Store tool first and use it to install your bundle of extensions.

Okay i did that and i only see rb files not rbz files

There shouldn’t be any RBZ files in that folder. If you had downloaded any RBZ files they would be in your Downloads folder but you won’t have RBZ files if you are using the Extension Warehouse or Sketchucatin Extension Store to install them. You would need to go back to the source to get them again.

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I don’t understand so what am i supposed to take from the appdata roaming folder? the names of the extensions?

Take the folders, .rb files, and and other files associated with the extensions you are copying. RBZ files are technically just zip files that contain the .rb file and anyother support files and folders for the extension. When you install an extension using Install Extension in Extension Manager the contents of the RBZ file are extracted into the Plugins folder. The RBZ file is not kept and isn’t needed after the extension is installed.

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So i can’t do anything with the rb files?

What do you mean? As I told you, you can copy them ALONG WITH the folders and other support files and paste them into the Plugins folder on your new computer.

TBH, I’m getting the impression that the safest route for you is to just install the extensions properly from their sources instead of trying to copy them.

i think you’re right
i’ll update my profile after i finish doing that