In SU 2016, where do I tell my computer to put the .rbz file that I just downloaded?

I’m new to 2016, have downloaded an update of Vertex Tools from ThomThom’s website (couldn’t just get the “Update” version to work in the Extension Warehouse, tried that), but my computer asks me where to put the .rbz file. I have routed it to SketchUp 2016, but unfortunately I don’t see a folder like SketchUp 2015/Plugins.

Of course, I might be missing it here.

If you downloaded the RBZ file, just save it into your Downloads folder or to the Desktop. Then open Sketchup and go to the Window menu. Select Preferences>Extensions and click the Install Extension button. Navigate to where you saved the RBZ file, select it and then Open and Yes, OK, etc. to install it.

I personally have created a sub-folder of my “Downloads” folder named “INSTALL”, and beneath that a specific folder for SketchUp Plugins. (Beneath that I have them separated into author sub-folders.)

So when I right-click a download link, and choose “Save link as…” (Chrome) MS Windows remembers the last folder used for .RBZ files, saved in your registry under MRU (most recently used,) and opens the file dialog there. IF not, the “Downloads” folder is usually one of the favorite places, in the navigation pane, so it’s easy to get to.

If you don’t wish to keep them around long, just in the “Downloads” folder is fine, because it’s easy to clean out.

Thank you! That was a whole heck of a lot easier than I had imagined it would be…I checked the “Downloads” and it was already there, my guess is that’s where the computer stores things like that. It took me less than a minute to select Preferences>Extensions and click the “Install Extension” button, navigate to the file in the Downloads box (where it automatically saves things like this too) select it, Open and Yes, Ok, etc. to install it. Thank you very, very much! :slight_smile:

It does make me wonder how much of this stuff I can’t seem to put together because of the damage on the left side of my brain (not looking for pity, just wondering). I mean I know that I think with 90% of the right side of my brain. Do you know you read with the right side of your brain? But math (except for geometry) you do on the left side of your brain. I got B’s in Calculus and Physics in college, but I can’t do Alegebra now. The best I can do is solve x/145=65/255. That’s Pre-Alegbra.

Communication is also on the left side of your brain, and I spent a year writing with a professional program called Stylewriter just to reconnect the neurons.

But I do wonder sometimes if the simplest things are beyond my grasp because of the stroke, or whether I’m just really that stupid about computers-- but that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least not from what I remember being like before the stroke. :confused:

Oh, yeah, I should mention when I got this new computer, that was one of the things that I got, the “Downloads” folder, so all the .rbz files would download to it. I just forgot. I am so sorry for that. :no_mouth:


Depending on your Browser settings, you can be prompted to select a folder to accept ANY downloaded file, OR they always go into Downloads.
You do not need to worry about where to put RBZs as you download them.
I’d recommend using your User Downloads folder - that keeps everything together and easy to find later…

After it’s downloaded you can use SketchUp’s menu item Window > Preferences > Extensions > Install Extension… button
Find the RBZ in the folder and it’s Auto-Installed for you…

If you get the SketchUcation ExtensionStore³ RBZ and have it installed, then that gives you a dialog within SketchUp, which lets you browse all of the hundreds of Plugins/Extensions in the SketchUcation PluginStore.
You simply click the red-button and that one is Auto-Installed for you without any need to ever worry about the RBZ…

Yeah, I got that figured out…Thom Thom’s was an “Update” to his Vertex Tools. The Extension Warehouse had a problem with it, and I didn’t know if the SketchUcation PluginStore contained his update. I did just download one of yours, “Split Tools”, I think it was, earlier today.

I’m telling you, I think the damage from the stroke does funny things…:laughing: