New 2017 Make .dmg file

I can’t get the downloaded SketchUpMake.dmg file to run. Windows 10 keeps asking for an App to open it. How do I get around this? The default app for running the .dmg file shown in the pop-up window is SketchUp 2016.

.dmg is for mac, you want the .exe for windows.

Well that was stupid of me! Thanks for the quick reply.

Where’ve you been, Frank? Long time no see.

I’ve been around, Dave. Haven’t bee doing much with SketchUp though. Actually haven’t been doing much of anything except keeping the books and paying the bills at the VFW. I have now been relieved of that position (finally found someone that didn’t know what the job entailed. LOL). Hope to get back out in the shop now. Finally got the windows version of SketchUp downloaded, dumb move on my part. So you might being more from me. Hope all is well with you and yours.

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