Revit to SketchUp translation

Hello all,

My company is holding off on upgrading our 2022 version of SketchUp until the newest offering is a little more stable with our current workflow. We will opt for the SketchUp Studio version to have the key feature of Revit import, but I was hoping to see if anyone that currently has SketchUp Studio 2023 can do some file translations to get Revit files into SketchUp?

Hoping this will be a stopgap for our current processes but would love a little help if someone has the new SketchUp Studio version and can translate a few files.


Do you have a Ferrari? I planned to get one, but right now I need to get faster to the party I’m invited to. Can you lend me yours ?

Why not install and try?
If you’re not allowed by the company to install yourself, try to get a machine where you can.
Remember to sign out in case you are running into the too many devices issues.
A trial lasts 30 days.

If you paid for it, then no problem. This is purely transactional and not anything other than trying to solve a problem. If I am in the wrong section, or off-base, then I will gladly delete the thread.

Hey Mike,

Not a bad idea. I have a workstation at the house I think I can test. Thanks for the advice!

Tbh OP just asked for a tiny help. No need to be extra passive aggressive. We’re a community here after all

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