Nested Components within an imported component are hidden. ? Work around?

I understand that opening a new component collection and importing a component into your model will add a component to the component in model list but that it will not add the nested components within that component to the list.

I do not understand what people are referring to when that talk about expand and saying that if you use the expand function on the in model list that it will show the nested components.

I have yet to find that function. The only expand that I can find is not statistics and that doesn’t do what I thought.

Is there a way to make the nested componenst ‘native’ to the model.

I have exploded and renamed but this is tiresome if there are a lot of nested components.

The reason way I would like to do this is because I would like to use the cut list extensions.

T.I.A for advice.

Open Component Browser window. Go to the blunt right-pointing arrow near its top right.

Click on that. Then click on Expand.

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Well I never noticed that before. Thank you very much.

Thanks for this post. I wasted hours trying to figure this out.