Nested Components Accessible in Component Browser

When making Nested Components in a project , the parent component can always be shown in the component browser in model , with no visible displays of the nested components… I’m really needing to see an option in the component browser for not only viewing and seeing the parent component in its glory , but a fly out option to display or expand any nested components inside that parent component …

It is, isn’t it ?
If you check the “Expand” pop-out item in the Components Browser don’t the “nested” components show up ?

That’s the way it’s always worked for me…

There’s Outliner too…

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Is that option there after you ‘save as local collection’ as a library folder and ‘open or create a local collection’?

Ide be interested to see if once you run those options that in the in model component file, it still shows expand?

The name … Component … carries two meanings.
It may mean a File or an Entity in an active model file.

A component “In-Model” is an Entity in the active model file.
The Expand command is only available for components ‘In-Model’

A “component” outside the active model is merely a .skp model file.
Browsing a local collection via the Components Browser is merely browsing for .skp files in a directory.
AFAIK there is no means to expand/investigate what’s inside without opening the file.

Yes so you have to open the file to view expand options …

I’m aware of the English … I also see in another app you can save models into a single resource file like a send to source

If SketchUp could do that , what s help that would be for building up a model template file with under the hood , relevant