Need Suggestion on How to Move Multiple Camera Locations along the Same Vector of Multiple Scenes?

Hi Folks,

Are there any creative thoughts on this task? They are really appreciated! Below is a previous topic on a similar issue. But he gave up on doing further research knowing there is no direct native function in SketchUp and decided to solve it manually. For our project, the situation is more extreme that I would really like to hear some better ideas or even work-arounds.

Here is a little bit of context to help understand the situation:
We started this mixed-use master planning project 2 years ago on top of an existing SKP context model we built for another project, without centering our project site on the world axis in SketchUp. After that, the project has evolved a lot. We created animation path that includes hundreds of scenes and started Enscape renderings from dozens of scenes that is stored in the SketchUp model. It is not until we found out Enscape won’t display the shadow properly with certain sun angle because the focus model content being too far away from the center of the world axis in SketchUp that we realized the necessity of relocating the project in SketchUp. Thus came to this topic: How can we relocate the whole model without affecting the hundreds of scenes we carefully created for both the animation and the renderings?

Thank you for your time and patience going through all my writings. I am sincerely looking forward to some good ideas or suggestions.

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re describing:


Let’s say you were to move the model a set distance and direction.

Using the plugin below, you could move each camera position the exact same distance and direction and then update the Scene.

Manually updating hundreds of scenes would be tedious work.
Most likely it could be automated with a Ruby script.

Camera Parameters — SketchUp plugin by Bakbek


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Thanks for asking! Below is a video I recorded from my screen describing the Enscape issue.

Shadow disappear even with a small ground plane

Also here is the link to my post on Enscape official forum about the shadow issue, where we went through processes and finally located the issue and double checked the solution:

Thanks again!

Hi Geo,

Thanks a lot for sharing this plugin! Let me check it out and take a look at Ruby script later on. Even without Ruby, this plugin by itself feel like already a huge step forward the path, which gave me a lot of hope!

Really appreciated!!!

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Hi Geo,

I just tested the Camera Parameters plugin, realizing to conquer Ruby Script could be a longer battle. Good new, it worked great for Perspective views! However, for me, it didn’t work as well for Two Point Perspective views.

Below is a little detail about what happened:

I started from 2 “same” Perspective views that I created with the plugin (the 2 views look the same but are actually looking at 2 copies of the same object in 2 different locations). Then I switched the 2 view independently to Two Point Perspective mode. I noticed that in order to center the object in the scene, there is an additional navigation step required – to “Pan” the view. But I don’t find any where in the plugin window where this “Pan” action is controlled by parameters. I wonder if this is the same for you.

If this is the case, do you have any suggestions? Or I should jump directly into the Ruby Script solution. Given that this model centering task is important for our project but not urgent, and I am comfortable with learning Ruby having a little programming experience before.

Thank you so much!

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When using the plugin to move the camera set in two-point perspective, I find it fails to retain the two-point perspective setting and changes the camera orientation in rather unpredictable fashion.

However, I found it works as expected by this method:
• Change the camera from two-point perspective to parallel projection.
• Move the camera using the plugin.
• Return the camera setting back to two-point perspective.
• Update the Scene.

Here is the experimental model I used to discover the method described.
The houses are 100m center-to-center along the x axis.

Move Camera Test_001.skp (734.5 KB)

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Wow, what an unusual path, let me test it out now! You must have dug really deep into this method, admired!

Yes, having this alternative plugin method definitely provides us a lot of flexibility and comfort, compared to diving directly into the ocean of Ruby script.

Thanks Geo!

Tested with your model and my model, below is the result.

The method only holds true when your original 2 Point Perspective is a direct switch from a Perspective view. If your original 2 Point Perspective is a switch + pan, then the moved camera needs another manual pan + manual zoom, both of which are not controlled by the plugin.

Thanks a lot.

Perhaps this screen capture of the method I describe will help.

Scene1 is two-point perspective.
The house labeled (1) is near the Origin
The house labeled (2) is located +100m along red axis.

Begin at Scene1
• Change the camera from two-point perspective to parallel projection.
• Move the camera along x axis +100m using the plugin.
• Return the camera setting back to two-point perspective.
• Update the Scene.

Notice that, just for fun, I flipped the camera back and forth using Previous before finally updating the scene.

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