Is it Possible to Move Your Scenes with Geometry?

Hey Guys,

I built a model for a project back in August and since it was an RFP I built it somewhat haphazardly. Basically since we weren’t sure if the floors were exactly on top of each other (1st Floor and Upper Floor) I built them separately with the Upper Floor elevated way above the first to give the designer room to work. Anyways. The client has added to the scope so now I’ve got to build out a few more spaces of the first floor. And turns out the freaking stair well lines up just perfectly with one stair width between the two staircase flights I have. So now I have to move the Second floor down.

Is there any way to move the scenes that the designer set for the Initial Design Phase down with the geometry or am I screwed? I can probably just move the stairs down and a portion of that upper hallway if there’s no other option.



Scenes and geometry placement are independent. The scene just remembers certain rendering information, part of which is the camera location (assuming you set it to be saved in the scenes window). If you move geometry in the model, the scene’s camera will continue to point wherever it was before. Conversely, if you pan or orbit the scene’s camera, the geometry will stay wherever it was before. So, to both move the geometry and recenter the scene you need to modify both.

Yeah… I just didn’t know if there was a painless way of doing all that together. But I guess not. I just went ahead and copied the second floor down and edited it from there - leaving the original geometry alone.

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