Need help with texture of cabinets

Hi all,

New to SketchUp but I have been learning this last month. I got these bath cabinets from SketchThis extension. I went in to add texture to the components (gray color) but it doesn’t seem to hold on the sides of the groups, and I get the white lines that appear in the cabinets. Any suggestions to fix this for a cleaner look? Thanks so much!

Also, is there away to lighten the shower door even more so it is more clear? I turned the opacity completely down on the color white but still not as clear as I want

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you are starting with?

At a guess I would suspect the issue is with painting a group vs painting the individual faces inside it. But, as @DaveR wrote, without seeing the model that’s just a guess.

I painted the individual faces

The lines you see on the cabinets are the front and back face colors bleeding through. This isn’t unusual for many graphics cards. Although you have painted the showing faces in the components you haven’t painted the ends. You could change the front and back face colors to something dark to help disguise those faces bleeding through.

To be honest, if I were modeling the cabinets that way I would actually hide end end faces and just set the back face color to black.

As for the glass shower, I would suggest using a translucent material (from the glass library) and adjust it’s color and opacity to suit.

Great thanks so much for the advice!

I’m seeing three duplicate copies of Component#12 exactly overlain atop each other. Is there a good reason for that? They are identical both in content and position. They are greatly increasing the model complexity for no obvious gain (at least not obvious to me)…

I didn’t know those were there. How do I remove those extra components?

Open the outliner, right click one and choose erase from the menu.

I noticed that when I erase two of the three, the mysterious white lines also go away!

Edit: you also have several objects hidden. In general, that’s a bad alternative to assigning them a tag and making that tag non-visible. It is difficult to manage hidden objects and geometry because the choices to unhide them are too broad compared to tags.

Great thanks for input. Definitely glad to know how to look at hidden objects now!