Need help with choosing a rendering program

Hello. I need help in choosing a rendering program. It can’t cost too much, and it doesn’t have to produce top of the line results. But I’m willing to pay a small amount for one, specifically one that doesn’t have any lights shining on it to cast shadows. No shadows.

Any suggestions?

This has been discussed many times. Search the forum for “render” and you will find various topics that compare renderers.

A quick search reveals these topics:

Search: Search results for 'render' - SketchUp Community


Sorry, I’m new here. Only found one other one.

I didn’t mean that as a slam, just the most efficient way to find the numerous discussions. As with all search engines, sometimes you have to try a few variations on the query to get good results.

No, that’s fine. I don’t have a problem with you or anything you said to
me. It’s cool. I was just trying to take my mind off other problems I’m
having with SketchUp right now. That’s all.