Need help with changing origin point in CAD file from Civil Engineer

Hey All.
I received a dwg file from a Civil Engineer and can’t import it into SU.

SU gives me the Origin Point is too far away error when I try to import it.

I do not have Autocad.

Can someone help me change the origin point or find a way to get these contours into SU?

Lauzon Surfaces.dwg (527.3 KB)
0032564.00C-SITE.dwg (1.0 MB)

For ‘0032564.00C-SITE’ file you can use Eneroth Flatten to Plane extension


For the ‘Lauzon Surfaces’ file you can use AutoCAD Web App to move the model to 0,0,0


Thank you for the instructions. It took me a few tries but I did get the model moved to the origin point and imported into SU. I must have missed a step because the cad file model isn’t to scale.

What step did I miss?

You’re welcome!

Probably setting the import scale units

That was it!

Thank you very much. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and time.