Need help with a model for 3d printing

I could use some help making the fill in at the corners and a radius at the top of this part . . It is for a Cedar Chest …What Extention’s do I need to fill in and make the top middle a rounded top not flat cedar-chest-1.skp (1.1 MB)

Not entirely clear what you want, but before I start, I would suggest you don’t start with the 3Dprint template - all it does is add huge bloat to the file. If you know your print volume, just draw a wireframe cuboid the right size and make it a component.

The arcs aren’t all on the same circle - is that deliberate? I tried drawing a circle from the apparent centre. Looks like this, afterwards:

Your shape isn’t quite symmetrical - if you look closely, you can see the circle doesn’t intersect all the corners cleanly.

I would suggest you redraw a quarter of it then rotate copies to get it all centralised. Or start with a square, and draw a circle around its centre.

It doesn’t seem to be any particular size. The sides of the ‘square’ made by the straight lines aren’t all equal, and are an odd fraction over 106mm. What size did you intend?

I’ve redrawn a different base plan, with a square 100mm x 100mm, and a circular central portion 60mm R.

I made it into a component, scaled a copy up 100x, and pushed the centre of the circle up by 15mm using the Follow Me tool to sweep a shallow arc round the circle. I needed a bit of clean up of stray edges created by Follow Me, probably because I should have done it while the circle was still a circle, before intersecting the corners.

I then added a bottom to the circular portion and pushpulled it down, and also pushpulled the ‘corners’ down by the same amount to get this:

However, I’m not sure if that is what you intended?

PS. I see from the image that I didn’t quite get all the stray edges near the centre.

and I forgot to purge the Makerbot component. Before doing so, I redrew a Printer volume 250 x 200 x 150mm as a pushpulled rectangle, deleted the front and side faces., and made it into a component.

Here’s the model.
cedar-chest-2.skp (278.8 KB)

Notice how much smaller it is.

I may well have used more segments per circle than really necessary - I used 48 instead of the default 24.

PPS. I’ve just seen your earlier post about making replacement parts for the cedar chest. Have you a photo of the part this is trying to replace?

Lynne: There was post herein in about the last month on nearly the same subject, thought you posted there also??
the circles in couple cases have very small edges at the line inter section that may give you problems should be checked.
Make sure if you use the follow me tool the profile needs to cover the top 1/2 area including the distance to corners.
Let me kown if you cannot find link to that post ??

give me a hint as to tags or what ever I typed in lots of things to get here . .


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Do not hink it will help much because it is apples and oranges. What I mean by that and as pointed out by John the size of the square and the circle are not independent unless it is ok to have some intersecttions not at the vertices of the small tringular section and circle or you use a large number of vertices such as the error is ok by you. Basically you would want the angle of intersect at the corner such that 360 / divided by that it is an interger. Then circle would have vertices at that intersect point. The other approach is to use a very large number of vertices of the circle such error is small enough for you.
What John did looks good but choice is yours.:slight_smile:

You made it with 2017 and I have 2016 and 32 bit as my version of windows is 32 bit ( my version of Virtual Box is 64 bit haha ) have to back date it or make it seeable in 2016 version

Bitness doesn’t matter, but version does.

Here’s the same file saved as v2016.

cedar-chest-2.skp (260.9 KB)

Bitness ? I am stuck with the 32 bit version I got and it said ( little screen came up ) can’t open this it was made with newer version of Sketchup ) But yeah right ideal but here is the right part it si a little button but to squared off on corners
cedar-chest-2.skp (1.1 MB)
. .

Hold your breath, in the early pre-release note for w10 MS stated they were going to remove the 64 / 32 capability for it but did not happen. I would not bet $$ next major release.

I can’t make sense of the combination of your words and the drawing. It doesn’t look at all like the drawing you uploaded earlier.

You have reversed faces in the recess and central cylinder. That would probably cause problems 3D printing.

Can you please upload a photo of the part you are trying to replace with a printed version?

That is because it is the right one this time . . Since I run linux and can’t open the file directly I made a guess as to the file . . Wrong file uploaded from the shared folder. . The file if I wanted it printed would look like it does there . . just would have to export to STL add to Slic3r let it make the G-Code and let Repeiter-host make the part on my Geeetech I3 Dual Extruder 3D Printer in wood filament . . The file is the right size and is a button on a Cedar Chest

I made tht part and it fits exactly right it goes under the drawer buttons to pull out the Drawer with

I upgraded to 64 bit 8-1 windows now but the 2017 requires something more then the Laptop has for video . . Glad I use Linux to drive the Laptop and RUN windows inside of Virtual Box and have complete control of it and what weil run and what will not run
So it means I will nt be upgrading to 2017 and will have 64 bit Sketchup Make to play with
Oh yeah making sign for the Cedar chest on the 3D printer has Makers name in center and repaired by me on lower part with simulated wood filament . . ( something I gt actually paid for LOL )

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