My model won't 3D print well. Parts are missing. How can I fix this?

I exported this file to .stl and when I open it in my post processor, there are sections missing. I am not an expert with sketchup by any stretch of the imagination, Is there a way to fix this without redoing the whole thing? Are there plugins that will fix this easier?

I have no idea how to approach this.Thank you for your help.

OMC Bumper.skp (145.1 KB)

Your object is quite small.
SketchUp can’t cope with distances <= 1/1000"
You could try making it x10, x100 larger etc…

However, a way of ensuring ‘good’ geometry, when making ‘circle-based’ forms, is to ensure that the various parts have the same number of segments.
So having 24 in the top ‘dome’ and many more in the ‘cylinder’ is a recipe for disaster…
If the ‘cylinder’ has say 48 segments, then the dome’s generating circle also needs the same segment count.

Use View > Hidden Geometry > ON to see the all edges…
Having hidden and softened edges, when you are trying to make a solid volume can only lead to confusion.
Use all ‘normal’ edges - the 3d-printer doesn’t care !

If you check with any of the solid testing tools (e.g. Solid Inspector 2) you will find that your component is not a SketchUp solid. That will prevent most 3D printers from handling it correctly. Some of the issues can be fixed automatically, but for others such as surface borders (i.e. holes in the shell) you will have to do manual corrections. @TIG has suggested some ways to avoid such issues in the first place. You might also look at @Box’s recent topic explaining the “Dave Method” to avoid the small faces problem.

Thank you for your help. I do have solid inspector 2 but all I get is a message saying “Dude, this thing is a mess…start over”!
I agree. I will start over and do things x 10. Hopefully, I will have better luck.

OK…I redid the model x 10. I reduced it to the size needed but it still won’t print correctly. Can anyone tell me what I need to do? Or, can you fix it, so I can at least make the part, then tell me what you did so I can learn how NOT to do it again?
Thank you again for your assistance.

OMC Bumper A.skp (243.1 KB)

There are a number of internal faces you need to get rid of. Use the Dave Method to make a large copy and edit the component. Select and hide the top face of the component and then select all of the geometry. Run Intersect Faces>With Selection and then erase the internal faces and unneeded edges. Unhide the top face and finish the Dave Method, closing and deleting the large copy of the component.

Also note the size of the bounding box when you select it. There are two very tiny stray edges out at the end of the bounding box away from the main object. They need to be deleted.

I made a copy of the component and scaled that copy up by a factor of 1000. You can see those two edges behind the original copy of the component.

Think about symmetry on this. The circles should have sides divisible by four. In your first model there were 65 I think.
I’d change that to 64 for starters. Then if design allows draw everything else off those segments.
Take a look at this redo and see if it will work and gives you an idea how you might go about drawing the model.


OMC Bumper shep.skp (186.5 KB)

WOW Shep…how did you do that so fast? I have been working on this all night. The printer likes your version too.
Looks like I got my work cut out for me learning the right way.
Thank you for doing this.
I will take yours and Dave’s directions and work on this.

Thank you both again.

It really wasn’t that fast. Two or three innings of baseball and a beer after mowing.
And you’re welcome.

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