Need help Why is this object too small to print?

I have this student’s “container” file. I use Makerbot Cloudprint.
When I load the file on the platform, It shows it’s about 150 mm so it is not physically too small,
I don’t understand what in the geometry or solid lines is not correct that it won’t print.

Gabryela1.stl (41.3 KB)

All of the faces are reversed. Note the blue back face color. The blue back faces are to be toward the print media.

Can you get and share the original SketchUp model file?


According to Hub - What are the top STL file errors? Here’s how to fix them

An STL file is 3D printable if each edge is connected to exactly two faces (manifold)

The edge colored red in this image as defining four faces


thank you. solved the print issue. Don’t totally understand why the error message says it was “too small”
but, reversing the faces worked.