Sketch up 3D and FlashPrint


Hi All,
Very new to 3D drawing. We have sketchup 3D and when i draw what i want, i cannot seem to get the measurements right, and the 3D window says Makerbot Replicator 2X, and when i export the image as a STL file and when i import it into FlashPrint and I try to print it, its won’t allow me to, it says its off the bed. It also has the makerbot replicator 2X cube in flashprint…
Could someone please help
john and tina


Modeling to scale doesn’t depend on the template. I would recommend not to use the 3D print template.
If you want to create small parts, create it at a greater scale and reduce its size before printing to avoid the known “little face creation problem” of SketchUp.

To avoid misunderstandigs, you shouldn’t call a STL-file an image, since it’s a 3D model and image normally stands for 2D pixel images.

(I don’t know flashprint, sorry)


Hi Cotty,
thanks for your reply.
what template would you recommend i use. the dimensions of the model is 18cm x 10.7cm with a thickness of 5mm

what is the ‘little face creation problem’?

John and Tina


It would only require moving the decimal to draw in greater detail. For example 18cm would be drawn at 1800cm and 17.7 would be drawn at 1770cm. For drawing, more size means more geometry. When you done it just takes one stretch or the tape measure to bring the model down to size! Did that answer your question?


yes thank you, i will try that