Need help - problem while projecting and/or intersecting with faces

Hi everyone ! i’ve got a problem … someone to help me ?

Here’s my problem, i’ve tried ton stamp lines on faces to define a zone … but my result is not good … so i’ve tried antother solution with a solid (and intersection) … that’s still not working ?

an advice or a solution with an extension maybe ?

Thanks !


Hello, it might be caused by very small voids in the areas you want to create, try to spot them with the edge² tools by thomthom, there’s a tool that autofills those voids. Then try intersecting again.
It might also be caused by parts of your lines not beeing at the same height, so you may (first) want to flatten them all using the flatten selection tool among architect tools also by thomthom.

If you attach your model, I’d be able to tell you which is the problem

Thanks a lot @paul.millet

here it is
transfert.skp (250.9 KB)

i’ve tried with Flatten tool … it works but i need to rotate my surfaces before applying … is it possible to do this without having to rotate ?

Sorry, I did not realize your planes weren’t horizontal, flatten selection would’nt be the proper tool for you then. You also should have sent the file as it was before you solved the problem :slight_smile:

no problem :wink:

Thanks a lot, it’s not perfect for me … but a good solution for the moment while … i’ll continue to search a solution for my angle :wink:

… on my previous file (transfert.skp) … the first is before the solution :wink:

Thanks a lot Paul !

well on your image above, if I select all and intersect with selection, it works !

Coooool !

It works for me too !

Thanks a lot Paul !!! :wink:

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i’m glad it works ! :slight_smile: have a good day

I use the “make faces 1.4” plugin which usually solves these issues.

Thanks a lot again and take care ! :wink:

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Thank you too … i’ll try it that too !

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